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Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 11 2021 at 04:16:07AM

Ok, as an older gent I only sorta-know like 2 or 3 of his songs (not exactly by trying to) but still..

I know there were some girl lovers who liked Evan Rachel Wood (however it's spelled) whoever she was, but seriously.. How does one find a way to sympathize with some idiot bemoaning the "proper morality" of an openly proclaimed Satanist?

Oh, Hollywood;) What a bus you throw your own under in your ongoing plots for noteworthy drama. Really?

I'm only here piping up for him because he made a cameo on an awesome series called Californication where his only line was "I'm only here for the narcotics."

This is the guy who is pearl-clutchingly not up to standards?

Eeyore Claims Shenanigans.

Kinder, gentler Satanists! That's clearly what must be missing!

So rich. Seriously, from a POV without an actual vested interest on this one..

Give it a rest, man.

Oh yeah, I'd honestly totally let David Duchovney butt-rape me, if only I were gay. Sad I am not. That guy's friggin amazing in so many ways without trying.

I honestly work for nobody. Nobody's blinded me, but still Nobody believes it. Meh, sucks for them.



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