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General reply to Eeyore

Posted by Qtns2di4 on Sunday, January 31 2021 at 8:48:32PM
In reply to ooh, ooh.. Dream Weaver... posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 14 2021 at 06:21:13AM

worship statues

Yes, we interpret the Commandment against graven images as forbidding making statues of saints for worship purposes. It's not a total prohibition on representing humans (as the most radical Muslim interpretations are), only against using them as worship aids.

Furthermore we do not believe in saints interceding for us before God. This is the Solo Christo, fourth of the Five Solae of Protestantism. This contrasts with Catholic and Eastern Churches.

On marriage

It is definitely true that people change of feelings, dreams and goals with time; and that these changes slow down with greater life experience. But I regard marriage as essentially a contract. A contract on which every religion and every political / judicial entity has an opinion about. All contracts have exit clauses. They may be difficult to appeal to and enforce, but I'm not really against them. In the case of marriage they should be somewhat difficult, but not extremely so. The alternative are abusive households, in which generally all participants end up being both victims and perpetrators in their own ways.


Yes; there are a number of underage saints. Not all were martyred, and not all were martyred because of defending their virginity. Joan of Arc, for instance, was martyred for political motives. This is also not an exclusively Catholic feature. Shiite Islam has Sakhina bint Hussein, toddler daughter of the Third Imam, Hussein bin Ali; martyred during the Shiite vs Umayyad War.


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