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no. it wasn't.

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, January 25 2021 at 06:03:55AM
In reply to Oh-kay posted by Newt on Sunday, January 24 2021 at 10:28:36PM

I can handle having to defend what I say and promise not to call foul and label you a meanie for a challenge to something I say. No easy-out offers necessary. That's how it used to be here, right?

100% survival rate for vaccines that are available in EU.

My fault, I was not being clear. What I was saying was, the survival rate from Covid is 99.7%. That is one factor in why I decided not to get the vaccine myself, among other factors. However, if we were to argue about no deaths in the EU and I was to argue against that, I'd have to look up the stories in Italy as well as a nursing home in Norway(Assburger reader screams NOT TECHNICALLY AN EU MEMBER!) that made global headlines recently. Not that it would matter until future lawsuits were successful, so to argue that one would seem rather pointless at this time. In the US, Bells Palsy and other side effects seem to be a real possibility. Here again, we could uselessly argue about unknowns, but historical precedents, the well-documented savage desire to make big profit by pharma corporations at the expense of patients, their rush to market, lacl of long-term data, and their absolute protection from future lawsuits(!)(?) enough, for me and my body, to look with a level of suspicion which is high enough to take a pass for the sake of caution. In any case, dying from the vax wasn't the assertion I was making in my other post.

You do not have "mRNA" in your body

Please expand on that. I was remembering from the undergrad class I took years ago in which I made DNA from twizzlers and remembered it might be from the mother only, but then I am now reading mRNA is a set of instructions sent to the immune system, and the US versions of the vax sends new manipulated instructions to the immune system, and nobody knows the longterm effects of that, in the individual who receives the vax, or possibly in their offspring. (Which would be a terrifying unknown.)

I don't know much else about the Sputnik vax other than it does not use this method with all its unknowns. I know even less about the Chinese vax.

"Shit", if we're being honest, I never really liked your sig for this nic. Something is off about that.. girl. I don't lose any sleep over it or anything. Any background on it you wish to share?

Thanks for challenging what I said. The less it happens, the more one blathers.


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