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I've indeed heard her story before

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, January 18 2021 at 11:09:49PM
In reply to thanks posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 17 2021 at 01:51:54AM

Yes, rather tragic for sure. I see she was canonized a saint rather quickly by church standards, probably due to her young age and example of premarital chastity. (Just remembering now that it was a girl of 19 who was already married, named Chastity, who came on to me stronger than anyone in my entire life, and I was not about to be a home-wrecker, even as much as I wanted her back at the time!)

True rape is a horrible thing, and I think it's evil. I have seen some girl lovers argue for marriage to young girls as a way of not going against their religion. However, I also know that young girls change in personality and beliefs rather quickly, and what they think or like today may not be true for them tomorrow. This is likely true throughout one's entire life, I presume.. in keeping with my little amateur theory about our personal rolodex of life experiences. However, those changes slow wayyy down later. Intelligence, I believe, barely changes according to age. It's only the life experience references we have, both good and bad, and how well we utilize them (hence, our IQ) that changes as we acquire more of them over time.

So I've never exactly come to a conclusion on that. I know Mary was anywhere from 11-14 when she was supposedly impregnated by God. He'd be locked away in the penitentiary for that today. People say "well times were different then, and people died much younger, so they had to get an early start" and all that.

I dunno. I've always believed that if two people truly and deeply loved one another at whatever age they are both at, then it doesn't follow that thinking differently later in life means it wasn't true at the time. Love itself seems not to be universal as justifiability for marriage globally. In many places it is a matter of practicality.

In another frame of mind, the bonds of marriage are supposed to be sacred and everlasting, no matter what becomes of the relationship.

So I've yet to really decide for certain what is the best route in terms of a mutually loving intimate relationship with a girl. Have you?


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