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Big Tech Race 2 tha Censorship Bottom

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 16 2021 at 03:32:51AM


Try not to automatically heave ALL the blame on "wealthy" CEO's who suddenly look like deer in the headlights. Some of them are only recently figuring out their destiny was always to be a figurehead for something even more powerful than their social media kingdoms, and that zeros in bank accounts don't mean anything to those who already control money itself. I am certain it must be quite a harsh, crestfallen lesson for any nouveau riche billionaire's epiphany.

Also, pretty sure Rasputin prolly had sex with the hottest daughters, his long wiry beard rubbing to and fro across those taboo silky virgin alabaster chests. True pedo stuff is often confused with self-affirmations for domination and power. Psychopaths inhabit too many positions of both to this very day, on all sides.

Hope we eventually wake up to them. Some say we are destined to repeat our human history forever. Hopefully we're reaching a point that's starting to sound annoyingly familiar, but that requires knowledge of the past.

How many young people today appear to have a good historical grasp of knowledge of the past?

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