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Think about this scenario (definitely on topic)

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, January 15 2021 at 07:09:24AM

Imagine you are at a remote science station near the north pole, alone. Nobody else at the station at all. Nobody else near the north pole at all. Nobody in North America at all. Nobody else on Planet Earth. Just you. You know you are going to die here.

Now, as you wander around the station preparing your breakfast one day, you notice a half eaten bowl of cereal you forgot you fixed earlier. Loneliness? Eh, maybe.

Now, you go about your life but an alarm goes off. There is a kitchen fire. Did you forget something on the stove?

Okay, quickly, an extinguisher puts the fire out. How could you forget something on the stove????

Exhausted and tired, a bit confused, eyes closed, you slide your back down the kitchen wall to sit on the floor. You open your eyes to see, just a few feet from you, underneath a kitchen counter, a beautiful yellow dress, delicate blue socks inside two converses, and a gorgeous 7 year old angel, scared out of Her wits at the fire She had just caused.

You are not alone. Just you and this Angel inhabit the Earth. You make radio calls to space ships near Mars but nobody answers.

She goes off to Her hiding place in the science station and you track Her down.

"Somebody has got to come back for you. I can't help you. Do you understand?"

Then, read this quote very carefully: "I'm the wrong person... I'm the wrong person."

She doesn't talk but She can hear you. She draws a little blue flower: an Iris. That's Her name. That night, you drag yourself into your small room to go to sleep but She follows you in with Her pillow and blanket.

"No, no, no. This is my room." You take Her to a room across the hall and tell Her to sleep there.

Back in your room, climbing back into your bed, She comes back with Her pillow and blanket and settles down to sleep on the floor in your room.

Thus went the first twenty five minutes of The Midnight Sky (out last year)! with George Clooney and seven year old Caoilinn Springall born 2013.

I think I hurt myself.

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