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Songs with lyrics that could be about LGL

Posted by Newt on Tuesday, January 12 2021 at 11:15:22PM

Sorry, I'm back! This is specific as I was going through my old (and some new) songs in playlist and noticed how the video and common known meaning do not need to follow the lyrics. For example, TATU - All the things she said: (shortened)

All the things she said
Running through my head
This is not enough

I'm in serious shit, I feel totally lost
If I'm asking for help it's only because
Being with you has opened my eyes
Could I ever believe such a perfect surprise?
I keep asking myself, wondering how
I keep closing my eyes but I can't block you out
Want to fly to a place where it's just you and me
Nobody else so we can be free


And I'm all mixed up, feeling cornered and rushed
They say it's my fault but I want her so much
Want to fly her away where the sun and rain
Come in over my face, wash away all the shame
When they stop and stare, don't worry me
'Cause I'm feeling for her what she's feeling for me
I can try to pretend, I can try to forget
But it's driving me mad, going out of my head

We all know TATU as the lovely Russian lesbians, but reading the lyrics it could be any of us. I can not believe I only got this twenty years later. Any more songs like that?


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