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I don't think the science supports your position

Posted by girlzRprettiest on Saturday, January 09 2021 at 9:33:01PM
In reply to No posted by LOD on Monday, January 04 2021 at 03:57:16AM

Most men are not at all attracted to prepubescent girls.

Please provide evidence for this claim. To my knowledge, much research (e.g., studies involving penile plethysmography) has demonstrated that attraction to underage, even prepubescent girls is common among men.

Unfortunately, after spending a half-hour searching through the dark web for a site I used to visit that contains a collection of such studies, I have come up empty. However, I am aware that many here have referenced these studies and are familiar with them. (Maybe someone reading this can help me out?)

It does you no favors to believe in false delusions.

As a psychology student, let me inform you that delusions are fixed, false beliefs that are clearly out of touch with reality and maintained even in the face of conflicting evidence. Given that the idea that most men are attracted to prepubescent girls is well within the realm of possibility and that, again, the available evidence suggests that this idea is true, it is in fact not "delusional."

Most men cannot and will not understand pedophilia.

I disagree. Virtually all men during their childhoods experienced sexual attraction for prepubescent girls. They most certainly can relate to this attraction simply by reminiscing about their childhood, regardless of their current sexual status.

As for pedophiles, there are quite a lot that are non-exclusive but as for me I only like prepubescent girls.

Out of curiosity, has your sexuality been relatively stable throughout your whole life, or did you at some point experience attraction for teen girls or women?

There are a lot of nons out there that think pedophiles have no gender preference based on something an FBI profiler once said. . . . many pedophiles do have a gender preference. There are a minority who like both boys and girls.

That is true. I recall a scene from the show Criminal Minds, which centers around a team of FBI profilers, where one of the agents expressed some surprise that a pedophilic "unsub" (unidentified suspect) had a particular sex preference. The reason for this baseless myth, of course, is to de-sexualize pedophilia as some kind of mere lust for "power," in an effort to delegitimize it as a genuine sexual orientation.

There is indeed no reason to suspect that bisexuality is more common among pedos than in the general public.

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