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hey guise! found a similar vid to the Estonia one!

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 02 2021 at 11:48:12PM

Okay, it's not. Sorry:/

I don't speak their odd language, but the sweet and gentle visuals more or less translate to me as:

"You stupid dying, depopulating countries that want to conserve your local ways of life! You had better start giving your native peoples some big financial incentives to get married and HAVE CHILDREN again if you want any hope at all for an economically viable future that doesn't consign all of your culture and people to a mere barbarian-overrun footnote in a dystopic tyrannic technocratic history book with a quaint shtick show with fake windmills at Disney World.

And.. if you no longer want to persuade them to having babies via religious-based encouragement anymore, then you'd damned well better find surrogate ways to make your distinct people want to keep valuing the act of MAKING A FUTURE GENERATION to carry on, if it's not already too late."


Cultures DIE without continued offspring!

But yeah.. I could honestly and totally fall asleep to a video like this:) It's how things should be and would be in a world filled with good people who don't submit to globally devised tyranny sold to them as being for their own good. They would take care of the inconvenience quickly and quietly.


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