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that's not very useful...

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, January 02 2021 at 4:46:41PM
In reply to I hate myself a lot of times posted by RelentlessDesires on Friday, January 01 2021 at 0:31:16PM

...can you tell me one ounce of good that hating yourself will bring to the world while you rot your way to the grave? Or how it will bring greater acceptance and inclusion for the rights of everyone to live on the planet?

No? Wasted energy at best, then, isn't it?

Learn webcoding, make quality-of-life support resources that aren't porn or virped whining. Agitate for childrens' liberation; the ancaps are doing their best to make your young friend an independent business owner, but the attack on bolivia has disrupted working childrens' umions ( Forge links of mutual aid and support with other sexual minorities; the majority of the populace is either of paederotic or zooerotic primary orientation. (actually, dfc hebephilia, because adrenarche begins around kindergarten, but...) Make some pride beads. Hell...

...recruit your local businesses to pledge to sell you the same shit at the same price even if you walk in decked out in rainbows and pride beads and a t-shirt that says "babylove."

You have a right to exist on the planet. You have the right to live your life, and so do those around you. Take it back. Don't just sit there whining.

Hell... a movie or something.


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