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My GL Dream Had Baldur In It Last Night

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, January 01 2021 at 9:54:24PM

(No, he wasn't in a dress. I just mean he was there.)

It's been a long time since I had a pleasant dream, especially a girl-themed one. Went to bed with a terrible headache that I'd had all day. Woke up happy and feeling good.

For some reason there were a hundred of us standing in a food line in some cafeteria. I was with Baldur and some nerdy guy from a tv show I like. Somebody else has a scary looking black snake for some reason (had to be Cangee), and it was menacing other people nearby in line. There were 2 pretty sisters near us, and one kept provoking the snake. I was advising her not to do that when it striked(struck?) her and was also wrapped around her arms. Baldur and I were valiantly trying to get it off of her while her little sister screamed. We got it off of her and for some reason we milked its venom, probably quick thinking resourceful girl lovers knowing we had to help cure her with an antidote.

Suddenly it's now a big hospital waiting room and the girl who got bitten (about 9 or 10) is sitting next to me and leans into me to snuggle up. I look around and see dozens of other adult patients all staring at us, and I awkwardly tried to pretend like I wasn't interested.

At some point, we got word that Trump was gonna pay for her medical care and some people cheered (I think I ate a lot of cheese before bed).

Now we three guys were back to waiting at the cafeteria sitting at a high bench table on those tall single pole stools. I finally see her little sister come out and she's playing in her pajamas and I see how gorgeous she is, but she's not really interested. The other sister comes along and she's cured and we all say hooray, but now she's staring at me and doing a sexy dance in front of our table and blows me a kiss. The comedian guy from tv next to me is saying something like "she really likes you, Eeyore, maybe you should give her your email addy." Just then I hear Baldur caution "Don't do it Eeyore, it might be a trap!" But then I hear their parents calling both girls that it's time to go home, and I am sad to see them walking away and out of view. I was fumbling with my wallet trying to find some piece of paper to write on. "FIGURES" says me, cynical and dejected.
10 seconds later she comes running back to me alone and snuggles in to hug me. I hear somebody say "awww"... I get some paper and I am writing and re-writing my email address, crossing off the wrong part over and over as she hangs onto my arm. I hear someone calling for her and know I am pressed for time now. CRAP! If only I was awake I know I could remember this damn email address! (I literally said this in my dream). I wrote it out along with my first name and said that she can email me if she wants to, or not. I handed it to her and she smiled and ran out of view.

I woke up and immediately realized I wrote down the wrong email, but that doesn't matter when it's a dream, does it? She still got in touch with me, right? I just woke up too soon:/


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