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Makes sense.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 31 2020 at 03:43:40AM
In reply to I don't know Estonian... posted by griffith on Tuesday, December 29 2020 at 0:31:07PM

I did some further reading, and insofar as the language goes, it's considered Finnic, but is also either the most or one of the most unique languages in Europe, making it very difficult to learn. I think I also read that they don't speak English much either, compared to their more southern neighbors.

I realized on my own some years ago that language can be either an inroad or a fortress in terms of letting ideas from outside a culture or country invade and take root, for better or for worse. It's a curious thing for sure.

Sadly for me, the rules for becoming Estonian are too strict, but though I may shed an icicle tear, I am glad for such countries with good walls around their various distinct cultures.

Personally, I'm not at all for the homogenization of the globe. If all the Amazon were turned into a single plant and animal species, I think that would not mean harmony, and peace, but disaster. It should seem diversity means many distinct beliefs and cultures. Living in peace and harmony of course, but recognizing and respecting territories both physical and other. A globally homogenized people and culture stands little chance of surviving the approaching AI quantum monster which views humanity as an outdated pox:p

And wow, thanks, looks like I need to look up their other songs!


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