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This would never happen if pedophilia were legal

Posted by girlzRprettiest on Wednesday, December 23 2020 at 11:21:24PM
In reply to This is what I have been warning about!!!!!! posted by starlet_Luver on Sunday, December 20 2020 at 0:10:52PM

It's incredible how society doesn't realize that these kidnappings are ultimately attributable to the stigma against pedophilia rather than pedophilia itself. Actually, virtually all harm associated with adult-child sexual interactions is due to the stigma, as I discuss here:
Since victims of these stigmas [against pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia] do not have any recourse for the satisfaction of their urges, they sometimes engage in acts, such as rape, they find unethical, which they would not otherwise engage in. Often, these acts involve children, who are psychologically vulnerable. This leads to intense psychological trauma, the effects of which can last indefinitely. (emphasis added)

Instead of blaming society and correcting the problems that lead to these tragic incidents in the first place, folks overgeneralize about pedophilia based on them, essentially defaming all pedophiles as "evil" and reinforcing the stigma, further ensuring these incidents' future occurrence. This is quintessential political conservatism, in the broadest sense of the term.

To top it all off, they have the nerve to posture, with utter sanctimony, as the true advocates of child welfare!

Also, on a different note, is this the guy who was open about his Nazi affiliation and lamented over how his fellow Nazis hate pedophiles?

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