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YES! My post must now be a reply. THANKS, sL...

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, December 21 2020 at 05:07:45AM
In reply to This is what I have been warning about!!!!!! posted by starlet_Luver on Sunday, December 20 2020 at 0:10:52PM

Larson Dude? Anyone? Anyone?

(It's always a good sign when current events go unmentioned at a place where they're sposed to be interesting.)

I honestly haven't researched.. some very out-guy in Virginia named Larson (mental rolodex- was he some blonde haired guy who ran for office? I really want this guy's story.) supposedly "kidnapped" a willing 12-year-old girl from the West coast.

As all such well-planned schemes go, he decided it was least trail-leaving to place her on a commercial plane with a wig and a layover in Denver, sharply instructing her to just act retarded, so nobody would be able to get any info outta her.

Well-played. 'Cept it wasn't. They found them while in mid-flight to their first layover.

Anybody know anything more? I feel like I'm asking people who don't care about girl love current events, but I know somebody will pull through.

And if you happen to know a whole lot, please don't be a totally loose-lipped dipshit about it. I'm just wondering who he is/was.


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