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From a short novel I wrote that portrays that.

Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, December 10 2020 at 07:05:15AM
In reply to To qoute Nabokov posted by LOD on Thursday, December 10 2020 at 04:44:45AM


Foster stood uncomfortable in his dark gray three-piece suit. He hadn't worn one in decades. This one pinched and itched him to a distraction. With Wren in a long, flowing wedding dress, arm in arm, they waited for the music to begin. Moments later, it did.

“This is what you chose? Do you have any idea how many people get married to this music? Couldn’t you find anything more modern than this?”

“It’s traditional. Just like this formality.”

“Well. I suppose.”

The two began a slow stepping walk past scores of people on either side of the church.

“How come I’m not all giddy and nervous like in the movies?”

“Because you are a very unique little girl. Who knows why you do some of the things you do?”

Wren laughed softly. “You’re still upset about my win last night?”

“Yes. Your Queen sacrifice was unorthodox and could have been played differently. Pay attention to what you’re doing right now, silly. This is supposed to be serious.”

Wren snorted. “Yeah, like I really care about some religious Humpty Dumpties giving me official permission to get married. And my Queen’s demise ultimately won me the game.”

“Because I felt sorry for your blunder. As for the Humpty Dumpty up there, keep in mind that this was your idea, young lady. And who said you could wear white?”

“Tradition, sir. Tradition.”

“You don’t qualify in that department, my dear.”

“Who’s going to ask for sure?”

Foster laughed. “I’m sure the good priest in front of us will never ask. Mind the steps.”

The two stepped slowly up to the dais to approach the waiting priest. Sunny stood to the left and wore a huge, tearful smile as her daughter took her place next to her. Foster stepped off to the right.

As most western styled weddings are known to go, Wren’s wedding followed the usual process. The priest pronounced the woman and man as husband and wife. Foster took Sunny’s hand and watched Wren and her new husband walk down from the dais, down the aisle, and out the church door to the waiting white limousine.

Foster looked at Sunny and remarked, “He’s going to have a hell of a time with her.”

Sunny replied, “He’s a good man, Robert. You had a hell of a time with her, didn’t you? But there is not greater love story than what you two had. The two of them will simply repeat it in their own way.”

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