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Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, November 30 2020 at 0:52:28PM
In reply to What does "dependent legs" mean? nt posted by sure_as_elle on Monday, November 30 2020 at 09:34:32AM

I sure as hell don't know, sure_as_elle. The whole text is nonsensical. I did fine it humorous that the protagonist massaged an umbrella repetitively and Lilly went inside for a nice drink of water.

Back when I was... well, a LOT younger, I was a researcher for a large tech company that wanted to get on the "Artificial Intelligence" bandwagon. The artificial voice that (eventually) came about (after I left the company) was called Emily. Since then, I have tried to stay current on the AI advances. Boston Dynamics has been quite impressive with their robotics, Google and others have been equally impressive with their self driving technology. Speaking of Google, their "Translate" software is fascinating. Deep Blue and Alpha Go both have been front-runners.

AI still has a long way to go, especially with language and vision interpretation. We need not fear the theoretical "Singularity". Yet.

But, as modern philosophers point out, should that concept ever become reality, us humans are doomed.


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