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Pro, but less so than I was before

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, November 26 2020 at 03:27:17AM
In reply to Contact. Are you pro, against or humping fence? posted by luckless on Thursday, November 19 2020 at 08:53:21AM

Pro because I don't believe contact to be inherently harmful if it is consensual; and I even believe non consensual but not violent contact is not as harmful as society wants you to believe.

I am less pro than I used to be, and have become comfortable with a Vichy position on two accounts.

First; I oppose what I call the "free for all" position which I see as being the majority position in the pro camp. Sex is something important. It is for adults and I don't believe it isn't for teens and prepubescent children. There are bad outcomes to promiscuity and I don't believe they are only due to culture, but also to human nature in itself. Although I would legalize contact, I would incentive it to be part of a very committed, long term relationship. For life? Maybe not necessarily; but with the expectation that the adult participates in the growing process of the child for a longer while. Basically, child marriage. (I wouldn't debate if it "has" to be called marriage but that gives an idea.) Would I criminalize contact outside long term commitments? No if it's consensual; but I would disincentive it.

Second; I believe there are more important issues to deal with now, both for girls (and for boys) and for pedophiles, than legalization. I want to see legalization, of course, but there are a thousand things which I think are higher priorities in helping children. Circumcision, abortion, hunger, wars, crime, poverty, health, the orphan and foster system, and a long list, before legal sex. Even without legal sex, we're doing a bad job in treating sex as such a harmful activity and we are creating trauma where there shouldn't be.

So, I'm pro, but overall moderately so.

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