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Why are there the same numbers of BL's as GL's

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, November 25 2020 at 1:52:51PM

Why doesn't the proportion of boy lovers follow the numbers of straights and gays? As in boy lovers being 2-5% of the pedophile population or whatever. Instead studies have shown they are about 1/3 girl lovers 1/3 boy lovers and people being attracted to both 1/3. This to me suggests something different going on in pedophilia unrelated to attraction to adult women.

A lot of people say that almost all men are pedophiles they just try to hide it. I disagree with that hypothesis due to the fact of equal numbers of boy lovers and girl lovers. Why not way more girl lovers than boy lovers if that was true?

If I would have guessed before seeing the stats, I would have thought boy lovers would be the same proportion of pedophiles as Straight/gay is for adults. This would be especially true as attraction to little girls for me seems to be an extension of my attraction for adults and vice versa.

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