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My very late review of Cuties

Posted by feliz on Sunday, November 15 2020 at 03:08:33AM

in my opinion cuties tries a little bit too hard to be controversial in order to be relevant.
don't be fooled, cuties was not made for france. this movie was made for American consumption. the female director wanted to offend and shock american folks.
an example of this:
there is a scene in which the girls enter an establishment without paying and they get caught.
this is Virtue signalling: the director is saying: hey look americans, we hate pedophiles as much as you do.

so what is the message of cuties?
well, no matter where they live, females always are the victims of culture.
in the islamic east, females are victims of conservative religion customs like male polygamy.
in the liberal west, females are victims of hypersexualization.

in my opinion the problem with that message is that the females in the west are not forced to "supposedly" be hypersexual. they even like it. i see no victims there.
another point is that if the director thinks that even in the feminist west, females are still victims, then where could female go to truly be victimless? in antartica?

personally what i love of cuties is the story of amy. unfortunately this is not what people are talking about Cuties. too bad. controversy for the sake of controversy


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