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Really strange thought struck me

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, November 09 2020 at 02:13:28AM

I was watching a YouTube thing when my cat hopped up onto my desk and head-bumped me. As people owned by cats know, this is a loving gesture to say, "Pay attention to me, human!"

So, being an obedient servant, I rubbed his furry neck at which time he flopped down, rolled onto his back and looked at me in a blatant suggestion as to where next to rub: his tummy. He closed his eyes in pleasure as I rubbed him from chest to navel. He went to sleep, or so I thought. I stopped and he raised his head to look at me as he wondered what the hell happened to my attention. I returned to my task to keep him happy.

Then, it hit me. He liked it. So... why was I doing it? Why was I bending to his will? What was I getting? Soft fur does nothing much to my fingers. His buzzing side, his purring, told me that it's not ME that is the focus of this "love" but HIM! And I am happy with that.

I was happy giving hedonistic pleasure to my cat.

Now, my friends, take that and run with it. Surely, you can see why I post this here.


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