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Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, November 05 2020 at 5:42:32PM
In reply to BURN IT posted by sans on Thursday, November 05 2020 at 4:26:21PM

It's possible to keep the convenience that the cellphones afford us and still be comfortably safe.

A master jewel thief would never look to break into my home to steal any of my gems, cash, or antiques. I have none. There is nothing here that, really, anybody could want. Well, I do have a cat that is very lovable. My poor overheating computer is best looked at as garbage although it does actually work. My cellphone is older than I am. The weapons I have are completely unremarkable and, from my past experience, there's not too many people on earth who can figure out where I keep them. (And, no, not under my pillow and not up my...whatever. All except one are legal and the one in question is legal up to the point where it can be proven that I intend to use it as a weapon. Then it becomes illegal in the eyes of Canadian law... not that I would EVER use it as a weapon...)

The only drugs I do would not get a butterfly high and, if you wanted to steal them to sell them, you would get about $4.50 on the street... if anyone on the street would know what levothyroxine is.

There are only two things of great value that I have although nobody will ever be able to forcefully get from me. I often give some of both to people. The second thing is knowledge. I have been a teacher before. Oh, and the first thing is fjlsdalkdfjaslkdjf... oops, dam encryption! Sorry guys, you'll have to figure out that one yourselves.

Yes, I have a cellphone. If the Alphabet Agencies want to listen to me pass gas or track my walk about the abandoned nearby park, I'll give them my schedule and, out of boredom, invite them along.


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