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I wonder...

Posted by LGsouL on Monday, November 02 2020 at 2:09:26PM
In reply to It is incredibly hard to pretend to be... posted by griffith on Friday, October 30 2020 at 1:51:28PM

... if someone could guess some of the nicks I have been on here and VoA since 2006. Granted I was never banned but I never liked using the same name. Heh, this isn't even my first one... not even my second actually, I had two before this, but those were short lived.

I have nick linked this one to my other one from like 8ish years ago.

Then again, I am not prolific enough of a poster to warrant connections being made. So, for that reason, it is unlikely people can make the connections.

I just never liked using the same nick for too long. I would always change things about myself or my LGFs too.

Ah well.

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