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to beat less around the bush

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 31 2020 at 9:18:54PM
In reply to yeah, loved her early ways posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 31 2020 at 9:03:58PM

She's been all big into defending Israel for years. Well, so has Trump. So it was just telling to see where her ultimate loyalty seems to lie (with Hollywood). If anyone had the courage and talent and brains to stand firm and still succeed in her career, my money was on her. It was just sorta sad to see her fold, like other big stars you knew weren't on board.

I know the lifestyle is important, but after a few million in the bank, why would you still cave to the pressure (Taylor Swift as another example)? Unless they've got scandalous blackmail material on all these young women like they have on the politicians..

I dunno. I'm befuddled, and frankly a little disappointed by my loli rock star. Luckily I'm just an irrelevant seed in the ether, which is fine by me.


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