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pro tips needed

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, October 31 2020 at 8:32:02PM

So I'm gonna be camping in the remote desert with my two attack dogs Jack n Jill (not their REAL names, wink.) for at least the next week or two. I've got my protection, my survival supplies, a bag of metal for bartering. I've got my complete dvd sets of Trailer Park Boys and (full uncensored canon) classic Looney Tunes, plus some docs.

Got a solar generator, extra fuel for the RV, stereo, warm slippers for the chilly evenings, and a telescope. I've got a giant Faraday cage for when the reds send us an EMP, and of course a giant beach umbrella and a few plastic pink flamingos for my makeshift yard just in case I have to extend my stay indefinitely. Got a hacksaw in case I need to cut down any ancient rare trees or shrubbery for firewood.

I grew a scraggly Jack Dorsey beard and bought this book How To Win Friends And Influence Survivalists, in case I have to form an alliance/militia with the sketchy locals to fend off roaming bands of outlanders, as well as a parenting book in case I encounter any orphaned girls who need me to care for them after the great purge.

Trying to think, did I miss anything? Personally, I'd rather test my luck in Waterworld than the desert, but the logistics for that just seemed way less practical:o/


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