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Oh wait what?

Posted by Newt on Friday, October 30 2020 at 01:11:20AM
In reply to abolish the AOC laws posted by luvs on Thursday, October 29 2020 at 2:50:59PM

because if all relationships between adults and minors are NOT consensual, then ALL of them will be reported as RAPE

In some juristictions they call it "statutory rape." Minor can not consent by law and since their status is not defined by actions but law it is called statutory.

RAPE: NON-consensual relationships

Sex with no consent that law makers recognise.

if ALL underage / adult relationships are INERENTALLY non-consensual then all of them will be reported as RAPE.

There exists about 200 countries. They have different laws. In the "West" that is true. Do not confuse age of adultship and and age of consent.

but if its consensual then they will not be reported.

You have lost me there. Person (child) can consent however law can deny that right. That is not a conclusion that is back to "square one"

I'm kind of bad at expressing what I think :/

I am sorry but I agree. Zour post missed the importantt thing that is conecting the points of begin and and. I have no disrecpect but you could write it more clearly. Statutory rape means child can not give consent and it it diferent in the world.


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