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that's democracy for you ...

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 25 2020 at 01:08:07AM
In reply to Ted Cruz brings criminal charges against Netflix posted by Dissident on Thursday, October 08 2020 at 03:42:12AM

The widespread support for killing us (with the chief argument being whether to mutilate us before or after) is what democracy is all about: the will of the people as expressed by the majority!

That's why the men who founded the United States were explicit that it was NOT to be a democracy.

As for the lawsuit, I agree with hierophant. As this proceeds through the court system, if the judges are true to previous court decisions they will have no choice but to greatly expand what sort of content is legal.

This is because, in the United States at least, the legal justification for banning child erotica is not that it is an evil in itself, but because it is claimed that viewing this material harms the children in the image (even if the image is very old and the child is now a senior citizen - or even dead). This is why all written material is lawful (though it is sometimes successfully prosecuted regardless), and why all drawings and cartoons are lawful (though again it is sometimes successfully prosecuted regardless).

But the producers of this movie took extraordinary steps to ensure that the child actors were not harmed, even psychologically, by making this movie. And they documented it.

It's going to be hard to argue against that in court.


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