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My reply

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, October 22 2020 at 7:14:13PM
In reply to Pedo traits posted by LOD on Friday, October 16 2020 at 02:43:19AM

I don't want to minimize the value of your personal experience or to be pedosplaining about you.

But I don't really identify with these.

I don't avoid bars or other adult gatherings. I quite like them, even. Not clubs because of their noise, but I enjoy small bars.

Sometimes you'll to Chuck E Cheese alone to this I plead guilty; in the more general sense that I go to places with lots of children. But it isn't an absolute preference: I can and do enjoy places not just because of a high children concentration. Parks, for instance, are being emptier during the plandemic than they were before; but I enjoy them because of their peace and coziness regardless of if there are many kids or not.

I don't really look in particular for movies with little girls. I definitely enjoy their presence if they are among the cast; but they're not really the reason why I want to watch a movie or other media. In the end I likely know more little (and tween and teen) girl performers than normies do, but it isn't really a choice to focus on them at the expense of adults. I remember once on GCC someone asked whose movies we liked to watch: obviously I knew the question was directed at LG actresses, but I answered "Pacino, Stallone, Vin Diesel," which is true. I don't only like LG movies, and not even primarily.

I talk with kids and I talk with adults. As a pedo I know that I am more able and more comfortable speaking with kids (even boys; although more so girls) than normies are. I also know that I can speak about the subjects they like and want without faking. But it isn't as if I can't speak with adults too about adult type of stuff, from adult relationships to social affairs to sports to the costs of whatever thing.

I do get asked sometimes why I don't have a girlfriend. But the answer is not a lie: "the right one hasn't yet come." That is not false at all. I know rationally that as time goes by it is becoming less likely that she will (short of an arranged marriage in a country where such a thing is still possible, which is also not something I regard as really feasible in my case). But I'm not lying.

I do regard the overwhelming majority of politicians (and this is true in every country; and although I'm a right winger, this is also true among the broad Right) as one or more of crook or corrupt; inept; greedy, narcissistic or power hungry; hubristic; ideologically misguided; or subservient to the wrong behind the scenes influences. But that has little to do with their specific positions on pedophilia. Politics is never reduced to a single issue; although evidently the issues faced by a small town council, a state government, a federal or national government, and international institutions, are inherently different. Again pedophilia is but one issue: the universal jurisdiction for pedo offences promoted by international bodies is one of the reasons I don't like them, but it is far from the only. Because of Cuties GC has been discussing Ted Cruz a lot; but since politics isn't a single issue thing, I prefer Ted Cruz, despite his anti leanings, to California governor Newsome who has been releasing pedophile convicts.

And I can't identify with the last one either. There are these two women; both aged around 20, and both very liberal, progressive and feminist which I think are important features to mention; whom I know in real life. I had them on my socnets because I know them in real life. Both independently, although with few days difference, published the most stupid and arguably hateful things about pedophiles. I blocked them both immediately; and went to the two independent original posts to reply to them with actual facts. So yes, these two qualify without question in the "they want us dead" camp. And yet, in the other extreme, two different couples have told me that they would like me as their son in law through their teenage daughters (both of whom I've known since they were LG's) and two different single mothers have said the same about their also teenage daughters (whom I've known since they were little too) upon my specific statement that I would want to have a relationship with them. I won't assume that they would approve of just any adult, but I am positive that they all have seen enough of my character to know that I would be a good influence and a good couple to their daughters as boyfriend and eventually husband and father. Of course I can't expect to come across some girl with her family in a public place and have their parents tell me, a stranger, "oh yeah date her." But I've also come to realize that we pedos can show parents our character and be welcome into children's lives warmly and confidently. Antis are very noisy and many of them violent; but they are a minority.

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