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So Kimmel Made Me Watch Him Monday..

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, October 20 2020 at 04:32:55AM

I feel so DIRTY...

But in between my newfound obsessions for Tim Dillon and ambiguously gay Magnum PI reruns finally seducing me to buy the Colt 45 from that little green army figure from the days when I was but a child..

Well, I just had to watch Jimmy.

Borat and Emma Roberts, secret obsessions of my past.. yanno, like the brie who's been in the fridge a while, and who's rind you know you gotta cut away, but inside.. you secretly hope there's still something there worth consuming, or at least proves you had good taste..

So... Borat.. yeah, good enough. Wouldn't pay theater prices, but I'd part with a little cash to see what's new.

Emma's finally maturing just a little. The plasticine is thinning, which is definitely good! The clown lipstick on the apparently DNA-inherited horse mouth would be less in my face without said clown lipstick (sorry for holding your sociopathic aunt second only to Hillary on my despised women-who-ruined-America list), but I'm workin' on it, okay?

So I guess she got preggo from her boyfriend. I'll save comment on that until he's out of her and her kid's life I guess, but no worries. I'm only a perv/pedo.

What I'm really saying is, she's stepped up half a stair since the Vanity cover I saw in the Safeway that was still full of copies. But I am pulling for her very much, since she had me pulling often in the days before she was thinking too hard and still appeared to be working on her thoughts about the world. Make it a whole step up, mama. Do it for my dignity, that time I got outed by my fellow pedo friend's roommate noticing us shamelessly swooning while watching Unfabulous together in their living room. So far, you're still not living up to expectations, Choke-chella:/

I may be her very last LG-admirer holdout for believing a future noble path was in her future. Some of her lessers came to impress much earlier and have since out-shined her. Where is you, big hope?

Well, maybe it's my fault, that you were just a total hottie when u were a kid, with nothing else more special and real under the surface. It happens today.

So I'm honestly and truly not plugged into Hollywood at any level (really), but I've heard second hand, there's always the real estate agent route:/

Do me better, Unfab. I stil bleev, barely.


• ( https link ) Apparently it really was better.

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