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Ah yes, the evil pedo eye of doom

Posted by LOD on Sunday, October 18 2020 at 01:52:48AM
In reply to Well said! posted by Dissident on Saturday, October 17 2020 at 2:32:25PM

There was a poster here once who would use that term, I can't remember who, but I always found it funny.

It's not so much the act itself that is bad but what is going on in the minds of "evil pedophiles" that make it bad. It makes no logical sense and is literally superstitious. I suppose this is why netflix defends it as "art." As long as it's for art it's okay, right?

Of course I'm not delusional enough to believe our detractors use any sort of sound logic or reason no matter what gets said. But ultimately you can strip down their arguments until all they are left with is "Pedophiles disgusting! Kill yourself pedo!" And at that point you just laugh at them.

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