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Reading into it

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, October 17 2020 at 02:39:21AM
In reply to Is the director of "Cuties" a youth liberationist? posted by Dissident on Friday, October 16 2020 at 6:22:56PM

Usually when I hear the phrase "come together" it means everyone needs to get in line with whoever is speaking. Whether it's a politician saying everyone needs to come together and vote on their bill or a celebrity saying everyone needs to come together on their social cause of the week.

Was she speaking French? It might mean a little bit different there maybe.

It's hard to exactly feel where she stands on things because she didn't go into moral preaching with the film like so many films and tv shows do these days. I feel like I'm watching a sermon with a lot of the newer stuff. Like Doctor Who has gotten into recently. The film still wasn't anything I enjoyed much, but at least I didn't feel preached to.

Even if she did have an out there opinion she wouldn't be able to say it at the moment. I'm curious what her next film would be though and where she goes from here.

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