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It's October, kids. Remember...

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, October 15 2020 at 04:15:51AM

Be very careful about instantly buying into bombshells from either political side, mainly because they may actually be coming from the opposite side. The corruption machine is currently in overdrive and redlining.

..Pretty sure Bill Gates is a piece of shit in any case, however. Perfect example of why extreme wealth in solitary hands usually becomes a threat to the rest of humanity. We are all flawed as individuals, no matter our education level, social status, or bank account slip.

Fact: A skewed self-reality fed by extreme power or extreme riches leads to flawed and selfish presumptions about the human race, usually detrimental to it, if not strictly via the path we choose for our lucky "anomalic" self, then always via the path that the hoards of friendly, smiling, power-hungry, opportunist sociopaths will invariably try their best to sway us toward.

Stop being a piece of shit, Bill. Does your massive wealth allow you to do so? Or is there something out there even more powerful than money, that's shown you your number of account zeros are, in the grand scheme of things, actually just chains on your wrists?

(Maybe just jealous that he gets to live out the taboo experiences I only dream about. Especially seeing his wife, probably some plant, feeding her "Kermy" itinerant ideas all these years. Pie in his face vid was cherry, if it still exists anywhere.)

Ugh, these verbal tangents:( I always sucked at math:/ 'Specially understanding the deeper meaning of ones and zeros.



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