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Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, October 13 2020 at 04:59:57AM

(said with a clear degree of irony)

The stifled talented newb.

Oh, NFL. Time to cut a successful hail-mary rookie a break.

There's surely a lurker somewhere who knows what I mean. No, not you. Somebody else tho. And that's all that matters.

Takes a decisively shitty team to negate such early greatness. Chops being worked well, though. How to deal with loss first. I see what ur doin' to him. Too bad he's already revealing your hand with natural attributes of prowess and humility. Let him off the chain already. Hr gets it, and his famous elders already take firm notice of him.

Let him go, let him fly. It's not like you're not hurtin' for survival yourself in these gambled wrong-choice political days.

He's honestly a good dude, with a supreme historical greatness factor clearly in the mix. Give him a sleepover at Nameth's or something. Just trust and let him do his thing. He studies and learns. That's why he's arrived where he has. Moneybags, you'll not be disappointed, provided you just give that boy well-earned slack.

Oh, this wasn't about any girl-love poster, sorry. I hoped all of you already realized that. Just another bullet-point hitting me hard in the side-pocket from the ether.

Sorry for taking personal liberties:/ I will try to hush more, but I call it out early for that kid. He special.


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