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fetishizing innocence

Posted by summerdays on Friday, October 09 2020 at 2:33:51PM
In reply to zero girl sexuality posted by EthanEdwards on Wednesday, September 23 2020 at 11:49:31AM

"I find it a total turn-off when young women present themselves that way"

I find it a total turn-on. I think innocent girls jumping rope is cute, too, but I reject the stereotype (mostly peddled by pedos themselves, almost as if they were trying to convince the world of something) that "pedophiles" can't handle anything raunchier than that.

That said, I appreciated the exhibition of the girls bodies throughout the film, but there was only a single scene that actually provoked a physical response in me. And that was the scene when Amy started undressing for the man. The dancing is erotic, but I agree that it's not sexuality in the same way that actual sex (or the promise thereof) is.


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