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an end to scapegoating

Posted by summerdays on Friday, October 09 2020 at 2:05:41PM
In reply to My Diss-ertation on the 'Cuties' controversy posted by Dissident on Friday, September 18 2020 at 2:49:51PM

"After all, vanilla homosexuals and transsexuals are no longer available for the position of societal scapegoat, so teleiophiles of all sexual orientations had to find a substitute to take their place and justify their collective need for virtue signaling, moral posturing, rationalization of censorship, dismissal of valid but unpopular scientific research, and justification for moral crusades and draconian laws that scapegoats provide for the average person and the politician alike."

Imagine not having this need anymore? That's the future of humanity I struggle toward.

Even barring that, God forbid we just limit ourselves to scapegoating murderers or something truly heinous like that, instead of the person who loves a little bit differently than we do.

Maybe the problem is that there truly is no one that heinous. People make mistakes, people are flawed, some of them are even outright hateful and dangerous. But it's not really their fault. They have damaged psychologies. In a population where no one is really true evil, where do we place the evil? Why do we NEED evil, anyway? To make ourselves feel better? We're all damaged people with low self-esteem, trying to convince ourselves that there are people out there that are much worse than us, and that we're good only because we're not them. Like God, it is a psychological need for something that is only an illusion.

And yet, real, innocent people are hurt because of it. Which means those people trying to convince themselves they're good because they're not those other people who are so obviously bad, are the ones who are really bad, because they're hurting other people for their own selfish reasons. Maybe that's what we need to emphasize. Propping yourself up at another's expense - no matter who that is - doesn't lift you higher. It only means you're succumbing to more human weakness. If you truly want to believe you're a good person, BE good. And that means being sensitive, not hateful. Look for the good in others. Even people who do wrong, mostly don't want to BE wrong. Give them a chance. You're not responsible if they screw up. But you are complicit if you back them into a corner.

You can tell a lot about a person from their treatment of the lepers of the world.


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