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Posted by griffith on Thursday, October 08 2020 at 11:06:58AM

Though the story is ready and between the covers, I have the right to change and improve it. (Who could prevent me?)

This does not interest anyone, but when trying to improve it...

I solved the first problem on June 23.

The second problem on August 30.

And the third problem a few days ago.

So now there are no actual problems left, but now begins the much more difficult phase. I must find some completely new ideas, maybe one idea that "proves" that a house's interior is bigger than its exterior... And that is a really difficult idea to find.

My writing has nothing to do with the current topics so fashionable in our society. They do not interest me in the least. I say this in all good conscience: if I can find such an exterior/interior idea, it is worth more than all current topics of all the novels written in my country these days.

And what else?

After I have done all today's duties and also the thinking work, the emptiness is awaiting me. I have reread all novels on my shelves, even all King's novels, now I am reading Crime and Punishment again -- because I have possessed it for decades, I have read it tens of times. I also have The Brothers Karamazov there, but it feels extremely boring, I am sure I will not reread it.

Some crime documentary videos, which are in fact getting very dull to me... some reading, maybe some chatting on VoA, maybe not... but I will certainly feel some horrendous emptiness before 8 am, when it is my "scheduled" time to go to bed.

(There is another story coming, I just call them stories, but it is a satirical one and I have no desire to change it any more.)

So this was just a rant.


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