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but u guys ready tho?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, October 07 2020 at 04:32:55AM

I do worry for you, fellow GL'ers.

Quaint straw-men appearances aside..

Seriously, are you prepared to keep yourselves okay?

Are you out of those urban areas bound to become total dumpster fires?

no joke. old guy reachin out hard.

Have you bought up some metals and coins, and withdrawn a wad of cash from your banking account BEFORE a potential run on banks?

Have you stocked up on food. Deep freezer and/or emergency supply food you can purchase online that lasts for years?

Have you made friends with some neighbors that you can team up with if things get fucky?

Are you able to protect yourself and your immediate vicinity in an effective way if physically threatened.

Do you own a survival manual.

Have you stocked up on meds that you will die for lack of in an emergency?

Do you have a supply of batteries?

Do you have a first aid manual?

Do you have a portable radio that doesn't rely on the internet?

Are you prepared practically and mentally in the event the internet goes away for a significant time? Some of you people... oof.

Do you have some socked away hard candy, some smile inducing stories and jokes, and a few cute stuffed aminals should a LG desperately seek refuge with you in an unforseen collapse of society?

Don't let her down. Be prepared, like the boy scouts, while the ambulance chaser law firms that feed upon the patriarchy see the opportunity for skimming loot off the top presents itself. (I knew that boy scout jamboree was secretly just a way for an older boy lover to to sell me a useless sharpening stone for my shitty pocket knife. Still, the entertainment factor from the kid who got caught jerking off with a Frito bag was nevertheless worth my brief scouting experience. Kid was a jerk, so our glee wasn't exactly unwarranted n or cruel.)

Oh, but this beast of burden rambles with his newfound loosed tongue.. sorry. I really do mean well toward honest and tender girl lovers. I still love you all, for real. This is your time to reveal yourselves as giant. In a way not too protusive.

Be prepared.

Maybe that was my cub scouts motto. It's been jabbing me in the side painfully with desperate urgence lately.

Not everyone can do everything to protect themselves, but everyone must do whatever they can. This is the time to be as ready as you can.

Reachin' hard from my ol' bag of sincere favorites.


• ( https link ) them guys.

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