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4 words.5 words.5 words.15 lil words.12 lil words.

Posted by Children First! on Monday, October 05 2020 at 11:36:41PM
In reply to Just to be clear posted by Butterfly Kisses on Saturday, October 03 2020 at 01:34:09AM

Haha..How can anyone deny that maybe you do sound a bit young here with such short sentences like that? (Especially if they have not seen your writing before)

It's not wrong, by any means. Concise, but colorless. Also, I thought you even sounded feminine in those two comments, alone as they were... But notice I didn't say anything about it before, and I didn't want to talk about your alias being Butterfly Kisses either, as that also sounds feminine. Technically, the thought that you could be female turned my mind on. That, actually calmed me down while writing to you. Also, sorry about anything I might be writing but am not fully super damn aware of. Forgive me. I took a muscle relaxer.

Anyway,to whoever is watching, I definitely was not trying to be condescending, but I was angry with you, Butterfly Kisses. I get angry at people who think the way of life that the dominant culture promotes is actually sustainable, as if it is not a big deal, and everything is gonna be ok. If you agree that it is not sustainable, then why would you think the natural world is not currently being destroyed, which will take hundreds if not thousands of years to regrow and recover? I say it like that because it's as if you have some kind of faith in humanity to do what is right at the eleventh hour and not actually completely destroy the world. Do you have any idea how bad agriculture itself fucks the planet? Are you remembering how many people are on the planet, that also depend on food from it, while relying on non-renewable energy sources to transport the food, and that energy is predicted by scientists to run out sometime in the next few decades, with no signs of slowing down?

As a human to human (human is the word I wanted to use before but was not being ultra critical at the time, because if I don't write my major thoughts quick enough, sometimes I lose them):

If you still disagree with me now without any reasonable leniency towards another human, in combination with other things I have written recently, while continuing to be patted on the back by fellow members for your beliefs, then something is deeply wrong with this internet sinkhole. I just want to know if you actually care about the health of the world, and it needing to be sustainable. Maybe, you should just tell me if you like children more than the health of the world. Maybe, you should just explain to me your thoughts on what you believe is sustainable and what the world needs to be like.

However, you said you didn't want to talk about it before... And you know what, I get angry at people who ignore such important topics and act like they don't matter, because, that is how you sounded before - like a child who doesn't want to be proven wrong.

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