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The quality of a human who truly loves children.

Posted by Children First! on Monday, October 05 2020 at 3:15:34PM

Think about this:

There are many brilliant and deep people out there of course, some of which are considered to be made of real pure genius or scholarly knowledge and intellect, yet are NOT acceptable to child-love, etc., and would be against the mostly-elusive MAP community and all that it can possibly stand for to help the world understand something that exists, as much as it is repeatedly discriminated against by everyone in the dominant culture made of intellectually-limited humans born into ignorance and denial from an early age. [One example: Study the work of Derrick Jensen like I have for the last 5 years; a truly brilliant environmentalist, yet fails to care deeply about children's needs.]

Though, to bring to your attention, if such people of brilliance or genius that do go beyond my own abilities or your abilities in certain subjects do not accept or understand child-love, does that make them truly brilliant or 'deep' in the end for the collected record found within books of humanity? Should we forgive them, as 'smart' as they appear, and how much they have deceived the world around us with how well they were simply able to write and be persuasive, etc., about how much children and adults should be separated, or at least be dishonest about when asked on such topics?

Who are the people that actually do understand children, acceptable to children being in intimate and sexual relations with adults, and see how deeply important they are, yet may not be the greatest writer or activist to help them be in a better placement that they should have instead in this insanely backwards world we have created for ourselves? Could it be seen that we as child-lovers are in fact somewhat deeper than other brilliant people who lack such great understanding? Who is a better human in the end? What type of person really matters to the earth? Does the economy and materialism and consumerism matter more than actually being a good earthling in a community, like that of a remote village without electricity? Is it not more important to do what is simply right, which may not be seen as the most brilliant thing, but after all is said and actively done, the most sustainable?

I believe I qualify to a higher degree specifically with my in depth understanding of children. My writing can not keep up with my ability to think deeply about them and do what is right. To dismiss my abilities would be an act that destroys the child lover community itself that needs to find a way to work better together to make us all shine brighter for everyone to see.

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