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The mindset of the anti zeitgeist

Posted by Dissident on Monday, October 05 2020 at 00:43:55AM
In reply to War on abuse free outlets posted by Autumn Leaf on Thursday, October 01 2020 at 09:11:53AM

But we exist, we didn't choose to think little girls are the cutest, sexiest things on earth. So why do they keep attacking non-abusive outlets for (some of) our sexual frustrations?

The current society-wide hatred of the MAP attraction base is such that it's actually considered a heinous act of immorality to allow MAPs any type of visual stimuli, however non-abusive. This is why they blow a proverbial gasket at the thought of us finding pleasure in looking at legal videos of girls on YouTube and Instagram, watching legal films like Cuties that might possibly provide "fap material" for some of us, or two adults playacting an intergenerational relationship via computer avatars on sim games like Second Life, or even the thought of us creating and using virtual CP with no involvement of any minors. And now the thing with the sex dolls. The antis have even been "concerned" with the past with MAPs having access to fully legal adult porn featuring legally adult actresses with breasts smaller than a C cup. Take a guess why they did that.

As bizarre as this may sound, they find such thoughts to be nothing less than assaults on a sacrosanct image of the Innocent Child that our culture worships and exalts as being blissfully free from "dirty" and life-complicating sexuality. If we look at the image of a girl in a swimsuit or Victorian outfit (MAPs have varying preferences when it comes to attire) of a family-made video on YouTube or even a professionally produced film, and keep those thoughts confined entirely to the privacy of our own minds, it is nevertheless considered an extremely disrespectful act of "abuse" on that particular girl and likely her entire family since in their eyes, we violated her image with our "impure" thoughts/fantasies. And if the minor in question is non-existent, being instead depicted by CGI or an adult stand-in, then we are violating the collective image of what children are pigeon-holed into representing to society. So, yes, you can violate fictional minors too!

Even members of the public who understand that these feelings are not asked for will react with this less than compassionate statement: "So what! They still need to either get help or go to jail!" So, yes, it doesn't have to be your fault that you're hated and considered a pariah by society.

This is why certain families and pundits have reacted in dismay when they learned that certain family videos were being watched more than others via taking a look at YouTube's system of algorithms, and then did a thorough investigation on what audience was likely doing the watching. This is why responsible public boards like GC have strict rules against sharing such videos here; we do not need to cause potential distress to such families by advertising the fact that we found their kids attraction, no matter how much respect we have for the girl as a person.

Yes, we exist, have always existed, and will always continue to exist. Yes, there are legal, non-abusive outlets for our natural sexual side (as well as our emotional, social, and aesthetic needs). However, society does not want to be reminded of our existence, does not want to be reminded that kids can be viewed as attractive, and they hate our very thoughts and feelings so much that they seek to deny us and criminalize even the most innocuous, non-contact ways for us to fulfill the natural human desires that teleiophiles take for granted at being able to fulfill (including LGBT people in this day and age in the West). And they will do this even if all society must be turned into a borderline police state that tramples on the most cherished sections of the Bill of Rights and its equivalents in other Western nations. This is why power-mongering politicians and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) secretly love us and the "threat" we provide to "polite" society.

As Butterfly Kisses noted, it's all about emotions, not reason. And hatred is a particularly powerful emotion that will brook no interference from rationality and compassion. The fact that most of us are currently in hiding means that most teleiophiles do not have a human face for our community, so they feel free to believe whatever their anger and irresponsible media reporting convinces them to believe. Because no demonstrably good person in their lives whom they love, trust, admire, and respect could possibly be a MAP with "disgusting" thoughts of that sort, right?


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