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Stabilize the world by putting Children First!

Posted by Children First! on Monday, September 28 2020 at 0:09:02PM

For the love and importance of all children, I have personally made an effort to come out in peace after learning the true meaning of children after years of deep thinking, consequently causing a desire to speak on their behalf as they are younger human beings who are mostly ignored and denied rights, as what I have ultimately concluded within my discovery of truth is that children need to be put first to stabilize humanity across our entire planet more than anything else to save it.

I kid you not ~ we must put CHILDREN FIRST!


The highly sought after solution that describes what is most necessary to return to a balanced and stable mode of humanity simply by being directly involved with children as the main priority in our lives in a few important incremental steps of which are all to be taken very seriously and worked on until what seems radical becomes normal as this is what is required of the human race to save itself :

Step 1. Children First: regardless of important teachings of intimacy, intelligence of nudity, or acceptance of childhood sexuality.
Step 2. Teachings of Intimacy: A) children learning to be intimate with other children B) adults learning to be intimate with children.
Step 3. Nudity: covering body with clothing as little as possible to encourage a very real and natural back-to-basics way of living through nudism.
Step 4. Children Playing and/or Playing with Children: intimately when necessary; especially while nude.
Step 5. Consensual Human Relationships: A) adults with adults B) children with children C) children with adults (avoiding penetration by the adult if necessary). Responsibly intimate, nude, and sexual as an optimal growing experience to keep humanity in equilibrium with all things.

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