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Ah we broke up.

Posted by LGsouL on Sunday, September 27 2020 at 10:53:03AM

So I know I shared in some posts that I was actually dating a now legal former LGF.

Sadly, it has ended.

Largely because of pressure she received from family and friends (particularly one guy "friend" who liked her and was her age, 19).

Pretty much people didn't question us when they saw us together (I look young, so I looked like a mid-20s with a college girl). As people in her circle found out how old I was they would pretty much constantly "advise" her that it was weird and predatorish.

Her aunts ( a couple single post-wall loons in their 40s ) would say it wasn't healthy, we needed to be with people our own age (I am earlyish 30s btw). Note that these assholes would definitely let me blow their backs out if I had even the slightest desire. Suddenly their older age wouldn't matter, but whatever.

Her guy "friend" (I put friend in quotes because he just wanted to get in them guts). Would constantly send her stories of people calling older famous guys pedophiles for going with late teen girls or early 20s girls. Drake was one example I remember, when he was dating or talking to the 18 year old, and everyone was calling him a pedophile. Another was Leonardo DiCaprio Sadly, Gen Z largely views age gap in general as pedophilia. More so than my generation did. Pushed by fraud feminism. (I want to note that I like feminism at its core, it's just women having their basic rights respected, what it has grown into is something else, older women want to control the sexual market place... but let me not rant). He would constantly say I was grooming her and had groomed her (since I knew her since she was four).

Eventually she told me it was all too stressful. She could barely go through one gathering with her social/familial circle without someone talking shit. What am I to do? I tried to alleviate her concerns of course, but she was my LGF and was my GF. I wasn't going to get mad at her or guilt or or anything but I let her know I was upset obviously. However, I let her know I wanted, more than anything, for her to not be stressed.

This world is one big sad state of affairs.

In the next couple days I will post about some hebe moments I had that made me think of Dissy. Gotta mix the bad with some good.

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