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To be fair...

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 4:49:51PM
In reply to Too bad you don't know real women posted by paper-doll on Thursday, September 17 2020 at 4:02:10PM

...while I have no doubt that you do indeed know feminists who support you for having our very unpopular and misunderstood attraction base, virtually none of them will say this publicly. What specifically third wave feminists say and behave in public is very different from the friends you have, and how they act and behave towards you in more private social settings. Many of those who claim the mantle of "feminist" these days are as quick to attack MAPs publicly simply for being MAPs as any conservative. In fact, liberalism has been heavily hijacked by such people, to the point where the word now has more or less a very different meaning than it once did.

Also to be fair, I do not think Hierophant is hating on trans people, or black people etc in general. He is expressing contempt for a type of ideology that fosters a very specific type of hostile behavior. Disliking feminism or any ideology is very different than hating a group of people for having innate biological characteristics they did not choose, or for being part of a religion that has become associated with a specific race, regardless of that person's behavior and attitudes.

As a personal example: I have nothing against Jewish people or anyone born with that ethnicity, nor anyone who chooses to be part of the Jewish religion that also behaves ethically towards other people; if I did, then I could genuinely be guilty of antisemitic bigotry and hatred. However, I utterly loathe the ideology of Zionism along with any other ideology that promotes ethno-centric beliefs & policies, and there is a huge difference between the two despite certain power-seeking individuals attempting to connect antisemitism and opposition to Zionism--the latter of which has nothing to do with race, ethnicity, or religion.

For the record, I have no problem with atheists who are against all religion on principle, provided they do not act hostile towards religious people of good ethical behavior when the latter are not trying to impose their beliefs on others but simply engaging in benign socializing or professional work.


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