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I wonder how much of the controversy was...

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Tuesday, September 22 2020 at 2:38:31PM
In reply to My Diss-ertation on the 'Cuties' controversy posted by Dissident on Friday, September 18 2020 at 2:49:51PM

I wonder if the film would have received the same backlash if they didn't show so many closeups of their butts while dancing. If they had just kept it to widescreen shots. It wouldn't have detracted from the films message so I found it odd that they left it in.

They did a good job of showing how both cultures, the French dance scene and the traditional Muslim scene were trying to produce adults out of Amy. Her mother commented several times on how she was a woman now, but of course she can't make her own decisions being a Woman. Neither could a male of that age so I don't get the sexist message that some are trying to push with it.

Other than that I didn't really like the movie. The girls were out of control and unlikable, the mom was weak and unlikable. It's not the intent of the movie to have likeable characters, but those kind of movies are not what I'm interested in.

So it's amusing to me that most people that would be attracted to those girls didn't even like the movie. I almost turned it off a few times.

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