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dum de dum

Posted by jd420 on Monday, September 21 2020 at 09:17:30AM

Was scrolling through internet outside the great US firewall of censorship, and learned something interesting.

Literally everyone on the earth, aside from one faux-lolbertarian whose entire schtick is entering other peoples private property without permission for class-based lynching, lives on the rez in north or south dakota.

(not too surprising, the only people you have that are worth a damn are probably black or mexican anyways, but no I would kill you all on the advice of some of the world's oldest religions, tragic or not. or some of their more recent phrasings - if one tried to convince me to dose the fuck out of some little kid and play 'nice kitty' games about where food comes from, I'd probably try to determine whether you viewed them as an independent being which eats meat for its own reasons, or was a hollow fetish without personhood of its own to you. better to stay native than to have friends...)

Didn't expect to have someone accuse you of appropriating German religion and have it hurt?

Doesn't matter. What is a little more interesting is the ability to blame I29 for this, and as such, to blame Louisiana for upper michigan and highway 16 in BC.

Yup. Want me to draw it for you in crayon?

Hilarious how few steps it is, isn't it? Have someone else draw the connection between Louisiana, petroleum, and queensland for you; they can.

Which brings me to the next issue : MMIW. Made it to the first step on the left and bounced, hopefully sooner. Yes, I understand hunting, but while the world's oldest religions teach that a pack of simpering, codependent cowards is a cancer to be removed and a friend of no living thing, more modern experience warns against putting some classes (any) above or below others, fetishizing the shit out of people, or or playing damsel-in-distress politics is a no-no.

tl;dr : the entire response to alleged murders and violence (because I'm not tracking individuals I know from offline) is being run entirely by the probable murderer. And you're happily providing them meatpuppets.

It's a little sad that a whopping one person can figure this out, but... Here I was criticizing the USA for a total lack of credible soverignity, when, well... there are several nations and at least one or two continents implicated here.

The other thing the data tells us is the amount of child abuse on the rez; while the world's oldest religions can tell us how to spot (or call out) a simpering coward whom to allow to live will be the death of us all (the doctrine of discovery was formally a morality appeal), a psychologist named Winnicot informs us that a coward's inability to differentiate between "I would have to be as much of a vertebrate as the average jellyfish" from "someone else is doing something" - literally, self or others and fear of punishment... results from extreme abuse in the first six months or so of life.

I'll spare you the paragraphs on offering to help with that - selfishly.

Something made landfall

in the middle of a fight.

So, uhh, hop to getting this taken care of and I'll spare you pages and pages about generous intervention in childcare, which is a problem in the first place, largely because you decided people who are killing you and using the state to "borrow" some sexy, sexy native american children are people you should do things for.

Current SF is no friend of mine.

Fun map whether you pick up or not.


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