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FAQ #15. Can I post pictures/fiction?

Posted by Lysithea on Friday, September 18 2020 at 2:27:34PM
In reply to I am not your toy girlovers posted by Feliz on Friday, September 18 2020 at 1:09:35PM

NO! Do not even think about using GirlChat as a place for exchanging pictures, nor to post fictional writing. In different localities different materials are considered illegal. For instance a fictional story involving children, though legal under federal law in the US, may be illegal under federal law in Canada. Therefore we must ban all such material. This restriction is not because GirlChat is pro-censorship; even the subject of child pornography elicits a range of opinion here. It is because our support role is too valuable to be compromised by the kind of attention that even a hint of pornography would bring.

The sole exceptions are writings submitted to The GirlChat Committee for the special consideration of showcasing your work in an area set up for that purpose. If accepted your work may be edited to comply with legal requirements.

The only pictures allowed inside posts are our signature pictures associated with the user authentication. The only justifiable reason for posting a link to a picture is if it is genuinely important to the content of your post; and, it is legal in the UK, Canada and the US.

Our policy is that a video link must: (1) be fully compliant with GirlChat's posting rules; and either: (2) be a professional or commercial video, such as a news item or a video intended for a broadcast performance, or (3) contain no children. By commercial production we mean something originally broadcast off the Internet and available for purchase or through a paid service. Furthermore, since we are not a picture or video trading site, the link should be illustrative of a post, not the point of the post.

Please do not post news stories, song lyrics or other copyrighted texts in their entirety. You may post excerpts and summaries (and of course, links), but anything more is a violation of copyright legislation in most jurisdictions.

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