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9 year old touching herself

Posted by Newt on Sunday, September 13 2020 at 11:00:47PM

I'm sorry for the click-bait title but its accurate.

I mentioned I'm in love with this Girl (Sophie), and I often babysit her. I also hang out with her parents. This happened few nights ago. So, there's father (Fa), mother (Mo) and me (Ne). Sophie went to sleep and Mo checks on her. She comes back and tells me to lean closer (Fa is not around).

Mo (whispering): Sophie is touching herself!
Ne (me): What?
Mo: She is laying on her bed with legs spread and "scratching" IT!
Ne: Okay?
Mo: I didn't know what to do, she didn't notice me.
Ne: Do nothing. Please. Maybe you saw it wrong, it's just an itch on her legs. Even if it's true, what's wrong?
Mo: She's too young!!!

I'm not good in these arguments, so after a while I say:

Ne: Come on! She's nine! She couldn't know about touching herself or what it means, just let it be.
Mo: Thats not true! I started doing it when I was nine!

And then people ask why are we going crazy. People aren't even aware of their double standards and how they are trying to control their Childrens urges. Enter Father.

Fa: What's wrong?
Mo (whispers): Sophie was touching herself!
Fa: What?
Mo: I saw her (explains)
Fa: She didn't see you?
Mo: No.
Fa: Good. Leave her a little privacy, its all normal. What exactly did you want me to do about it?
Mo: (Silence)
Fa: It's not hurting anybody, let her be. Besides, when did you start touching yourself?
Mo: (Silence)

I was always a better friend with her mother and I thought the father was a conservative jerk. I was wrong. That man is great!

Last Night, I'm doing some homework with Sophie as the parents had to go somewhere. And I notice she's "scratching". I don't pay attention, it all goes well.

I don't know why I posted this. I had to share. And to show the double standards once again that we are all aware off.


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