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Found myself landing at Vice the other day....

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, September 07 2020 at 02:55:17AM

Creepy place.

Enter Ethan.

To quote Joe Biden, C'mon, Man!

Being quoted in an article on pedophilia about addressing the attraction to kids via pills from the pharmaceutical industry. Really?

Dude, I've always defended your ability to post here, despite your apparent censorship of views that don't align with yours over there at your own place, because you are attracted to kids and I personally believe all child lovers deserve a voice here, no matter how they interpret their own attractions.

But damn... Pills as a solution? Seriously? Are pedos soon to be non-sexual and gardening in their backyards on tv, because some pill?

Dude... I don't hate you for your viewpoint, but please try to be more careful regarding who you become a spokesperson for.


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