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quick take on the riots

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, September 01 2020 at 04:13:24AM

I dunno man..

I know it's been quite a while since my opinion mattered. I was disgusted with what I saw from the Bush years, but then got my epiphany from the Barack years. Both of em were in the pocket of the gravy train, known as the deep state to some.

Many turned to anarchy. Myself? As a transplant, I considered the romance for a tad, but eventually saw the stupidity of the unibomber and his narcissist primitivist disciple. (Witnessing the Nerf sword fighting didn't exactly help). And then the burning of the car dealership (and later, at the same spot, the burger joint).. and yanno... it all started to look very juvenile, in spite of all the positive things I do see and admire about independant youth who are allowed to go after their dreams full throttle.

Me: Do you have a message?

Nah, we just wanna trash stuff because.

Me: Okay, well do you offer any thought-out alternative?

Nah, we just wanna destroy what exists currently.

Me: Um, okay... soooo, like, do you have any agenda that affirms people who are older and attracted to youth who might actually love them back?

Nah, many of our peeps got pressured into sex as kids and blame your attraction generally, hence some of the pent-up unresolved wacky looks and unresolved rage you witness. We want youth liberation, but all of you also need to die.

Err, OKAY, then!! But how do you explain the ones in your ranks wearing the sailor moon and pedo bear shirts?


Well it certainly makes MY job easy! No solid demands anywhere, not even among that quarter.

Can we finally say.. "Trickle-Downed Astro Turf"??

I'm always intrigued by revolutions, but I'm not buying the sincerity of what's been pushing this one.

Truly. I just don't. And it's easy to admit it when your opinion doesn't matter:)

What a total bummer when you gotta step into the spotlight and put the brakes on it all because the plummet of the polling numbers.


You've sure got a big Ask to sell the public in November, blinky lady.

"I've created a monster"



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