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Girls are objects

Posted by paper-doll on Sunday, August 23 2020 at 10:19:54PM
In reply to Girls start developing breasts at 9, and bleeding posted by Leucosticte on Saturday, August 01 2020 at 01:05:49AM

Better yet, why not just let them be eligible for sex starting in infancy, and exclude them from school, since they don't need any maturity or formal education to know how to have sex or babies. They can pretty much just stay in their pajamas their whole lives (when they're not being ravished), being taken care of and taking care of others; no need for them to be trained or otherwise prepared for responsibilities that can be handled by men.

As if women and girls don't deserve an intellectual life.

Internet text is hard to read tonally. I'm gonna read this as dripping with sarcasm.



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