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I'm back!!!!

Posted by paper-doll on Sunday, August 23 2020 at 10:10:35PM

Hi friends and fellow MAPs. It's been a long while since I've been here (Years? Certainly. A decade? maybe.). I suppose I'm craving community now that I'm locked down, long-haired, and having enlightening conversations with my morning cereal (especially if I can get it all to line up to form a floating face in my milk).

Why did I leave? IDK. Lack of time. Lack of money for stable & secure internet. I found there were more important societal and global issues than who could legally swallow my come.

Plus I had become a more stable me.

So maybe I'm unstable now. Who knows. 2020 itself makes most of us look pretty stable in comparison to our own fucked-up-ness.

For those who don't know me, I was the young gun among the old guys back in the day. Now I'm an old guy. Though I see some of the old guys are still here, which makes them ancient. (Please humor the old people; their advice may be outdated, but there's likely a nugget of wisdom here and there.)

I'm probably not gonna waste my prime years chatting away here, but I'm back for now. I'll admit, I stopped back once, briefly, and re-dipped my manly toes into the childish waters of pink-hued Annabelleigh. And I found it was infested with some necro fuck's posts. I hope he's gone. Dead kids ain't a thing I want to think about (sorry I brought it up, but, yeah, it played a large part in extending my hiatus).

Please let me know if you remember me. I don't even know if I remember (with accuracy) the me who was here years before. I think I'll stick around longer than my last little toe-dip. Maybe I'll stick around a lot longer. No matter who I loved, what distractions tore into me, or where I narrowed my focus down to, girl-love and my feelings were always there, present. I can't escape them. And maybe I need a community to help me fill in the girl-shaped gap in my life. Hopefully I can give something back too, be it a smile or a bit of sage advice. Hopefully we can revel together in our love of little girls.


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